History & Vision

Humble Beginnings

You may think that RAHA has always been as dynamic, customer oriented and efficient as it is today, however like any other company we had to overcome many obstacles. Opening our doors in 1996 as simple dial-up service, one of the first of its kind, Heartbeat Online brought the Internet to Tanzania. With minimal staff comprised of youthful, flexible and most importantly innovative people, we began our journey. Mistakes were made, experience was gained, and most importantly growth took place.

Fueled by the desire of Tanzanians wanting to know more about this new and innovative tool, the Internet, we soon became a household name.


Road to Raha

Our main philosophy was and has always been to serve our clients with the optimum – turnkey, reliable, high speed and cost effective Internet and related solutions. Our work was cut out for us and research commenced to find a system that was faster and more reliable than the dial-up services that we then offered. Once again we broke new ground and we were the first to launch the Wireless Broadband solution, thus the inception of RAHA.COM

Introducing the Wireless Broadband solution enabled us to expand our services and more importantly provided the users with unlimited Internet services. However, we still wanted to be leaner and meaner, so we shifted gears.


Guiding Force

We pledge to bring you the best possible Internet and connectivity experience, as we shall employ our combined knowledge, creativity and innovation to continuously deliver comprehensive solutions that are of high quality, speed, reliability, greater coverage, while offering outstanding customer support to achieve profitability, brand respect and market share dominance.