Common Issues

Connection Issues


1- Verifying Network Connection (WAN vs LAN)


i- Ping Your Local Router (Getaway IP) by using Command prompt form your start menu. 



If reachable then move to step 1.2 below.

ii- Ping Global IPs or any DNS server eq: ( and any other to see if they are reachable. Move to step 2 .



2- Checking Physical connections


i- Check if all the devices are getting power (Router, Aps, UPS, Switches. etr) if the power is on, move to step 2.1

ii- Check cable Connections if are all well connected (LED status should be Green) from main link to Router, Router to Aps and Router to switches or Switch to Aps and Patch Panels. If still Not working then skip to step 2.3



iii- Some devices Requires Hard reboot because of the power surge (high/Low), which causes devices to freeze and stop working. Just reboot the devices to start over the operations.


3- Cable users are connected but Wireless is not?


i- If Cable is working and wireless is not working, that means the connection is there. See the Possible Causes below to sort this out.

ii- Check if the users can see the wireless name (SSID) and Connect, If the SSID is not seen the skip to step 3.3

iii- For the Access Point (AP) to broadcast the SSID, the device itself must be connected to the power source. Check if the device is connected to the power source. If the device is connected to power and still you cannot connect or see the SSID, then skip to step 3.34 

iv- Ping the Access point (by IP Address) and see if it is reachable. If Not then Reboot the AP and Try again.

Email Issues


1- My emails are not working?


i- If you are using or mails then try to use webmail to see if you can access your account. To login into to the web mail go to or



ii- If option 1/above is working fine and Outlook is not working then check SMTP settings? As shown below

- If you are using then smtp should be for Incoming and or for Out Going Smtp.

- If you are using mails, then the incoming should be and the same for outgoing smtp settings. 



The port number for incoming should be 110 and for outgoing is 25 or 587. As shown below



Note :  my outgoing server requires Authentication  opting should be checked. As shown below


For farther assistance Please call our Hotline support Numbers as shown below:- 

255 683 111222 | 255 659 110066 | 255 758 110055 | 255 777 110066